About Us

Our Community Vision

This is what we envision to bring to Hong Kong parents


The goal is to not keep kids more busy - but to help them enjoy living in HK to the fullest.


Share and listen to experiences of fellow parents


We do that by keeping information easy to reach, clear and concise.


Happy parents make happy kids. We strive to find activities that keep the whole family feeling great.

Why WittyBear?

Our goal is to share knowledge, connect people and empower parents so they can raise their children with love and compassion.

Raising kids in a bustling city such as Hong Kong is no easy task. The range of options, prices, and levels of suitability available can be overwhelming.

That’s why the Witty Bear team woke from hibernation: To bring every Mama and Papa Bear in Hong Kong an easily accessible guide to keeping their children entertained, happy and nurtured as they grow.

As parents ourselves, we spend countless hours investigating, experiencing, compiling and organising activities and businesses all over Hong Kong – so they can be easily found and matched to the needs of other parents throughout the city.

That’s the Witty Bear way.

And it all comes together in our directory and blog, where you can join the conversation and contribute your own ideas and recommendations.

So come on – join our sleuth (that’s a family of bears!) and get involved because we know that love and connection are priceless gifts that every Mama and Papa Bear can give to their little ones. Every helping hand goes a long way. 

Team WittyBear

Grace Kay


Grace Kay is the lead MamaBear to WittyBear.com and is in charge of watering it, feeding it and helping it blossom. By using her genius organization skills from 9 years of corporate life and 3 years working for a mom-owned tennis business, she was drawn to start helping small business owners get found online. As well as helping moms (and dads too!) find fun activities for their kiddos.

CREATIVE JOB TITLE Chief Entertainment Officer FAVOURITE TOY AS A KID Polly Pockets BEST BUSINESS ADVICE The cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing. – Seth Godin

Faith Lantz


Faith Lantz is a mama bear of two boys and a budding company.  Faith combines her keen eye for design and practical marketing savvy to help businesses navigate the Internet for growth. After having her boys, she found the need to organize the world of juggling kids activities and keeping them entertained. Thus, along with her geeky computer skills –  her sister (and super aunt) Grace Kay, started WittyBear.

CREATIVE JOB TITLE Creative Director of Good Vibes FAVOURITE TOY AS A KID VTECH Computers BEST BUSINESS ADVICE If it’s not scheduled, it’s not real. – Marie Forleo