Having all the cool and hip fitness studios available in the city, we almost never run out of options for some cardio and muscle toning exercise at any time. Although, classes available tend to be more or less the same among these studios, it’s about time to try something entirely different.

Now what could a 3000 square foot space in Sheung Wan fulfills the urge for something entirely different? You get to do AirBounce, MaxBounce, MilitaryBounce, StretchBounce and BouncePilates from Asia’s first trampoline fitness studio. Little did I know, mini-trampoline fitness, or “rebounding,” first took off in the 80’s as a way to do high intensity cardio workouts. Imagine all the short shorts, bright neon headbands and leg warmers.

Fast forward to today, we might not have a backyard for a trampoline ready for us to bounce around when we feel like it, the studio brought us these state-of- the-art mini-trampolines or “rebounders” that are fully tested for safety and can support up to 150kg of weight. Apart from all the giggles and wildly imaginative jumps and hops you can think of doing, whether you are looking to lose weight, bulk up, or tone, BounceLimit has also incorporated stability, core, and muscle toning in the classes. As said before “Rebounder” classes are high intensity and adrenaline pumping, they can actually burn up to 1000 calories/hour when compare that to just 400 calories burned in a single spinning class.

Having bad knees, not a problem, these high intensity classes come with low impact, the trampoline will take up to 85% of the shock, so it’s widely suitable for most of us. While the studio offers standard group classes or monthly workshop on a regular basis, for all you sports enthusiasts, you might prefer customized guidance towards specific fitness goals, their one-on- one personal training is available for more personalised programs.

Ready to feel like a kid all over again, the drop-in price is $400 / class, or $370 / class when you buy a package of 5.

BounceLimit, 13/F, The Pemberton, 22-26 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, +852 5929 3563, www.bouncelimit.com

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