One of the things my mom has never gotten to do is take formal cooking classes.  She is a great cook, but has not had the opportunity to really explore her cooking talent…until now!  I am going to enroll us in a cooking class together!  I definitely did not inherit my mother’s cooking ability and have trouble not burning everything I try to cook.  So I’m looking forward to this class helping me be able to cook SOMETHING that doesn’t have a black crispy layer on top to be scraped off.  I found some terrific cooking class options that I am considering.

Di and Cooke Western Cuisine Cooking Class

This course is a three hour lesson where we’ll learn to make 1 entrée, 1 main course and 1 dessert and WE get to choose what we make.  I am excited about that part because we will get to choose things that we are interested in learning.  Classes are a minimum of 4 people, so we’re taking my mom’s sister and my best friend too.  It’s going to be a fantastic time and after we’re done cooking we get to have a candlelight dinner, eating the dishes we created.  (Hopefully minus any burnt black scraping of any of my dishes)  The cost for the Western Cuisine class varies due to what you choose to cook. They have an Asian cuisine class as well that is HK$480 per person.   The night classes start at 7:00 p.m. at the latest and run 3 hours.   You can contact them for more information.  Di and Cooke, Telephone:2892-2680, Room A, 17/F, On Loong Commercial Building, 276-278 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong,

French Cooking Class by Chef Rene Etienne

Both my mother and I have a love for French cooking.  I saw this cooking class offered by Chef Rene Etienne and I’m very tempted to sign us up for this one right away.   In this cooking class we’re going to learn not only how to cook something fantastic, we’re going to learn how to make it look like it was prepared by a professional chef!  Chef Rene teaches all aspects of the cooking process from preparation to cooking techniques. At the end of the class everyone will have a full dinner to sit down and enjoy that they created themselves.

Classes are about 2.5 hours and cost HK$650 per person.  Each class day he is teaching a whole new dinner and all of them sound terrific.  We can’t go wrong no matter what day we choose. You can get more information on Chef Rene’s French Cuisine Class by emailing or calling.  The classes are located at Room 803, 8/F, Bonham Commercial Centre, No. 44 Bonham Strand West, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. French Cooking Class by Chef Rene’ Telephone: +852 9876 6756.

Private Italian and French Cuisine Cooking Class

We can have up to 12 people in this private class!  We also get to choose the foods we want prepare.  It’s definitely a cooking party. I think I’m going to see who else would want to go with us. This could be really fun for my mom. She loves to cook and there are a few of her cousins that she has not seen in awhile. I bet they would love taking this class together.  

This class teaches how to cook a 3 course meal. We’ll be choosing 1 entrée’, 1 main course and 1 starter right there in their cozy kitchen studio and then we get to have a dinner party afterwards where we eat what we have created!  It sounds like a wonderful time and I know mom will love learning to cook some different items than what she usually cooks. You can contact them for more information by going through the website.  Private French and Italian Cooking Class, Wan Chai, Cost: HK$550 per person/4 minimum and 12 maximum,, , Telephone: +852 2882 4881

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