Dee Cheung

Her background:

Dee moved to Hong Kong in 2006 from Canada and is the co-founder of SUP YOGA HK and Float On Hong Kong. When she first moved to Hong Kong, she learned very quickly that working in a corporate environment wasn’t for her and found herself diving deep into the practice and study of yoga. Since then, she has taken two 200-hour teacher trainings and multiple diplomas so she could teach moms and babies, up to adults and even yoga on the water.

Her incredible accomplishments:

In 2013 after working at lululemon athletic as their Asia community connector, she founded with Nadine Bubner, SUP YOGA HK. They wanted to see if people were ready to take their yoga practice off the matt and onto water and really get present! They will now be hosting their first SUP YOGA teacher training and will be brining yoga and fitness on water with the launch of Boga Fitmats!

In 2016, she co-founded Float On Hong Kong with her husband. The first float therapy centre to open its doors and help people relax and de-stress. It’s the ultimate power off from all electronics and an hour to literally float in a pod filled with 500 kilograms of Epsom salts and water.

Why we love her:

It all came down to her incredibly fun and calm domineer. We’ve done several yoga sessions with Dee and without fail, have always felt her undeniable love for the yoga she practices. Her warm energy and dedication into making you feel grounded for that one precious hour is why we keep going back.

It’s not only the tranquil experience, it’s also her incredible ability to take you to a level of intense relaxation. One of our girls even shredded tears (happy tears of release) at one of her sessions – true story!

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