What is WittyBear?

That is a great question! WittyBear is a directory and guide for parents living in Hong Kong. On WittyBear, you can discover amazing local businesses across Hong Kong and share your experience by rating and commenting on services you have received. You can also find helpful tips and articles on our blog to make parenting in Hong Kong as easy (and fun!) as possible. Whether you’re a permanent resident or new to Hong Kong, we’ve got you covered.

What are the guidelines for submitting a review on WittyBear?

Honesty and love. Everyone is trying to do the best they can. We’re always excited to hear all the juicy details but please be kind with your words. Try to be constructive and refrain from using foul language. We will be screening but will not edit any reviews. So if we find a review with the F bomb or any foul words it will not be published.

Are there any requirements needed to be listed on the WittyBear directory?

Yes, we have 2 requirements.

Since most of our users are native English speakers, companies must be able to cater to English speaking students and have a fully functional English language website.

I’m not sure whether my company is listed on WittyBear. How do I find out?

You can type your business name on our search engines located on the front page and on all activity categories. If there are no results, do not despair! You can add your listing by clicking “Submit a listing” located at the bottom right of every page or simply contact us. We’d be glad to help get you started.

I found my company on the directory. How do I claim it so I can update the information?

You can do this by clicking the button “Claim this listing” located at the top right of the page, above the “Write a review” box.

What do the hearts above the listings mean?

It means lots of love. The numbers represent the number of people who have book marked that particular listing so they can easily view it again at a later stage on their WittyBear personal profile page.

How do I bookmark a listing?

To bookmark you will need to be a part of us. WittyBear membership is free and full of goodies like, bookmarks and special discounts. To join our WittyBear membership, click “Sign up” on the menu bar, located at the very top of every page.

How are the star ratings calculated?

The ratings are based on the average number of stars the listings receive. (This is computerised. Each listing starts with 0 stars and eventually goes up depending on the reviews you give them. We promise it’s truthful and not tampered with.)