Take a sniff and have a sip, there is just something amazing with the aromas and tastes of brewed coffee, right? Either you are just starting the week or chillaxing at your favorite neighborhood café over the weekend, coffee culture has taken quite a significant role in Hong Kong the past couple years.

Just like everything, there is always more than meet the eyes. To help awaken your sense of smell lets start with a few descriptions:

Ashy – the odor of smokers’ fingers or the smell you get when cleaning out an oven.

Burnt/Smoky – usually found in dark-roasted or oven-roasted coffees

Earthy – the odor of fresh, wet soil or humus

Winey – a strongly acidic or fruity note,

Woody – the smell of dry wood, an oak barrel

Another thing to examine is how it tastes? Is it sweet, bitter, sour or does it have an aftertaste?

What about the body, is it Thick or Thin?

These are just a few example of what a  coffee taster does to measure the different aspects of the coffee taste. Besides the smell, taste, and body, they also look at the growing and roasting phase of coffee beans. Including different methods of coffee making, latte art, and the presentation. Coffee really is an art in itself!

So what makes a good cup of coffee? To find out, you can dive into the coffee culture with the hands-on latte, coffee and roasting lessons provided by Caffè HABITŪ.

This 2,500 sq ft venue at The Coffee Academïcs Studio is located in the heart of Causeway Bay. You get to play with cool gadgets, such as professional espresso machines, espresso grinders, hand drip coffee grinders as well as myriads of coffee accessories, such as Chemex, Aeropress, Clever Cups, and Siphons.

If you would like to show your flair and creativity, you can attend their Latte Art Workshop. Where you can learn all the secrets you need to know about latte art and learn how to create different designs. It’s a fantastic way to get a hands-on experience and create your own artistic designs.

If you would like to brew your own coffee at home or office and make it spectacular. You can take the Perfect Brew class, and learn how to perfect a cup of coffee anywhere you are.

They also have Mini Cupping and Golden Cupping classes, where you will learn to tell the distinct qualities that each bean has to offer as you examine coffees side by side.

Learn about the history and art of coffee while sipping tasty brews sounds like an awesome thing to do on any day.

You can find out more at http://www.caffehabitu.com/index.htm

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