You don’t necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars a month to keep your toddler entertained. Here are some free activity ideas. There are some which may require materials, but you’ll most probably have them around the house.

26 Free activities for toddlers

    1. Go for a walk
    2. Have a tea party
    3. Invite other toddlers for a house play date
    4. Play hide and seek
    5. Have a dance party
    6. Blow bubbles
    7. Go to the park
    8. Build a fort
    9. Draw with chalk
    10. Have a movie day
    11. Plant flowers
    12. Read books
    13. Color or draw
    14. Make popsicles
    15. Play with play doh
    16. Fingerpainting
    17. Play dress up
    18. Build with blocks
    19. Play with puzzles
    20. Play “Simon says”
    21. Play with stickers
    22. Bake cookies or cakes
    23. Play with water balloons
    24. Do a mommy makeover
    25. Paint nails
    26. Put on a puppet show

Happy playing!

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